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It's a beautiful disaster


Ok. Picture time. You don't have to read my writings... just scroll down to the pics!

Okay. So our trip to Virginia was awesome! First time we went with out arguing. Haha~ We got there Saturday afternoon and barely got any time with T.J. He was leaving to Miami and so I was sad.. =(  Anyway, we went to the Pentagon Mall again since we didn't get to see all the stores the last time we were there. Haha. My hubby bought me this pretty pink shirt from Express. I'll post a picture in my next entry. Then we got lost tring to go back home. We were somewhere in D.C. .. then we started driving over a bridge... NOT GOOD. Anyway, after driving around like a bunch of idiots and almost getting ourselves killed, we got home 1hr. later.. LOL. Atleast we got to see the Monument and the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial.

That night we went over to Mike's house and he made dinner for us! It was so fancy and stuff. It was nice. We ended up singing Karaoke and Joel and Mike got drunk. It was sooo funny cuz Mike kept trying to bake cookies! Oh well.

Sunday: Watched Hellboy with my hubby and Ty. It was pretty good. Then we picked Jov up from work. She was cracking up because she just saw Robin Shou ... (He plays "Liu Kang" in mortal combat) She works at Hyatt and she was checking him out. She was staring at him thinking he looked familiar. He laughed and asked "Do you want to ask me something.. maybe why I look familiar?"... and Jov goes: "Are you from Guam".. hahahahah.. crazy girl. He says.. "noo?... (wtf)... Have u ever seen Mortal Kombat"?... LOL. Then Jov realized who he is and feels all dumb! Haha.. (i'm so easily amused so yes... I find that funny). ANYWAY... we went home and got ready for the memorial. Afterwards, we had dinner at Denny's then dropped them home and headed back to DELAWARE. Our trip was a total of 230 miles... damn. Oh well, I had a good time. Jov's step was being real nice this time around. She made food for us and all that! (I got to try Michado for the first time.. soo good).
Monday: Nothing. Woke up late. Feel so groggy. My hubby made breakfast for me cause I was so tired! So sweet. Man he's such a great husband. We only had $3 with us when we went to bestbuy and I was hungry so we went to Wendy's and he let me buy what I wanted to eat and  he just watched me and said it was ok.. AWWW. I LOVE YOU JOEL.. haha. Of course I made him eat some but the thought was uber sweet! Came home and took a 4 hr. nap thus the reason I am updating 1:30 in the fucking morning.. haha. Oh well.. here are the pictures folks!

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