It's a beautiful disaster (peaches_n_jello) wrote in sweet_beauty,
It's a beautiful disaster


My hubby is the most AWESOMEST ever!! Yesterday we went to go buy me digi cam and I love it!! He spoils me so bad! *evil grin* And I love it! Muahahahaha~

It's so neat cuz I can even record little movies and watch them on t.v. or on the comp... This is my new baby! haha <3

Anyway, we did yard work as a couple for the first time yesterday! It was fun. FUCKING BIRD. I swear I will hunt it down and kill it. I was sweeping the walkway and a bloody bird crapped on me. Lil fucker. Joel just laughed. Asshole.. Haha. It's great having a house but it sucks when you gotta maintain. And it's not like we can just mow the front. We got the whole side and the back. Ugh. Oh well, we're not paying rent so I shouldn't complain!

Went to visit Reese yest. She's back from her trip. Took pictures of Ava. She's getting big and she's so adorable. It made Joel want to have a baby now... again.. haha.

We were also supposed to go the carnival last night but it was so windy and cold. So hopefully it will be better tonight because I want funnel cake!

Took a crap load of pictures so enjoy!

Cleaning the yard.

Our lil' ol house!

Just us and a bunch of silly pictures!

I only have one mirror and it's in the bathroom. I see people taking pictures of themselves so I wanted to try it! Bahahaha.. Don't mind the b.g. guys!

My fav. pants/jammies ever! They're cherries!

And just more pics. of us...

Us babysitting Ava

And more of us... again.. LOL

Okay.. that's all! haha. Gee. Now you can't say I don't post! I'm posting up my ass here! <3
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